Tuesday, January 10, 2006

At the dig today we were busy digging in a 1000-year-old pithouse. As usual, I was being a big goof.

Lisa uncovering a metate [grinding stone].

When the pithouse caught on fire 1000-years-ago, a very large amount of corn [we call it maize!] burned inside of it.

1000-year-old burnt corn.

So we made up silly songs "Digging in a cornhole!" and the like. Very professional.

Afterwards I came home and washed dishes, picked oranges from the tree, made orange juice, made dinner, drank delicious fresh orange juice, gave Avi and Kristen a taste of the lime meringue pie [yes, I am obsessed with meringue pies, who isn't?], and played with Mollie.

Mummy knitting.

Mummy has started making me a vest from a design book from some Scandinavian country. It has six different colors of yarn. I asked her to use cotton yarn rather than wool because there is less chance I'll ruin it or the horrible moths will eat it.

Vince's dog Mollie makes herself at home in my house now. She is so sweet and really a nice addition.


Mummy adores Mollie and after she leaves I guess I won't mind if Mollie decides to stay on and live with me, When I come home from work she jumps around like a puppy again, so happy to see me.

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