Saturday, January 28, 2006

I can smell the pumpkin pie as it bakes. It is a ready-made store bought one, after all I did spend the day working (we had 368 people come to today's Open House at the dig). But I still feel like it is cheating.

Having Mummy here means I do a lot more cooking than when I'm by myself. I try to be creative and plan nutritious meals. Tonight, though, was Kraft mac-n-cheese and some mixed frozen veggies. Mummy isn't used to the healthy food and as expected, she has lost some weight. Yesterday she told me her butt has shrunk. Way too much info.

Meanwhile, Mollie wanders around looking for food. How did I acquire a dog? Vince came to eat dinner and said, "Oh there's my dog!" but doesn't seem to mind that she has moved into my house. As I type this she is noisily drinking from her bowl. When I get back from work we play wrestle and she is happy to see me. When Mummy leaves to go back to Michigan it will be nice to have Mollie around.

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