Monday, February 06, 2006

I'm so over Islamic anger over cartoons. Burned out embassies. Pointless boycotts of countries that have provided millions of dollars to the Palestinians. 'Death to so-and-so." Yawn.

I'm so over the countless similar protests that happen when Islamic suicide bombers blow up innocent people or police officers or soldiers. Except there haven't been any of those protests, have there? Except for when the politician got blown up in Lebanon. The rest of the time, silence. I guess it must be alright to kill people in a futile attempt to get access to those 72 virgins.

Does it make sense- burning up embassies because of five-month-old cartoons in an obscure Danish newspaper? Does anyone respect this sort of behavior? We are taught to ignore brats, maybe it is time for us to just turn away from this sort of behavior until the perpetrators act like mature adults.

Where are the Arab moderates? This is a warning to us, to not let the religious conservatives obtain more power in our world.

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