Sunday, February 19, 2006

I'm sore in strange places - the inside of my thighs, my right foot, and so on. At last night's game party at the now-closed gay resort, I ran around and did strange things. Dougie and I decided that the resort would be the perfect setting for a slasher movie, "Gay Party Massacre." I would be found in the Curio Room, punctured by various Native American artifacts. Dougie's remains would be found after blood was noticed oozing from the piano. Another gay gamer would meet his/her doom by javelina.

Javelina from last night.

Javelina's are a type of peccary that moved into southern Arizona during the historic period, perhaps brought here by the Spaniards (they aren't found at archaeological sites prior to about 1800). They are amazingly cute, as they wander around looking for food. Unfortunately, they leave behind a foul odor (kinda like Rick Santorum, but that is way off topic). Last night I had to tell various javelina not to attack me as I looked for my car keys, which turned out to be in Dougie's pocket.

As an aside, the phrase "Conjunction, junction, what's your function?" is the hardest charades clue I've ever had to act out.

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