Sunday, February 05, 2006

Still without a camera, according to the Best Buy website it is at the repair center. Get well soon!

Yesterday I took Mummy to the gem show and she wore her shoes that don't fit well. I'm tempted to just throw them away, because she can hardly walk in them (they are too small and want to slip off her feet). I've offered to take her to the shoe store but if there is one thing in the world she hates it is clothes shopping. Sometimes I wonder what she would look like dressed up.

At the gem show she made me nervous as she stood around tables loaded with very, very, very expensive things. You see, Mummy has become a complete clutz in her old age. She drops things regularly, she doesn't pay attention. Luckily she didn't smash anything although she came close once. We escaped after she purchased an amethyst wind chime from the very, very, very cute Mexican guy.

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