Monday, March 06, 2006

I guess I should be all bitter 'cause I didn't get the prize for best-dressed at the Oscar party I attended. But since the award was a Barbie doll, I'm kinda okay with the biased judging (a woman in an evening gown won).

Homer and Matt.

Honestly, the Oscar show pretty much sucks. It would help if I had actually seen a lot of the films. The speeches, endless lists of names of people I won't ever meet, are tedious (I know, big news). Philip Seymour Hoffman was repulsive. Repulsive. He gave me the creeps. Dolly Parton should have won. Those film montages. Yawn. Poor old Lauren. Etc. Etc.

People keep telling me I look years younger minus the facial hair. I dunno, I feel strange with a smooth face. Plus, the balding stuff is super obvious when I'm not distracting with the beard. We'll see, luckily it grows like crazy.

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