Sunday, March 19, 2006

Yesterday I spent a day volunteering at a dig my company is doing. Sometimes there isn't enough money to completely excavate a site before it is destroyed by development. At least the county and city I live in has rather strong archaeology laws, stronger than most places.

Caramia and I finished excavating a pit structure that dates to around A.D. 1000. You can see the row of posts around the inside edge of the pit, these once held up the roof.

Caramia is mapping the ramped entry into the house.

Last week I was out at the site working and excavated a dog burial. The Hohokam dogs came in small and medium sized categories- this particular dog was probably about 18 inches long from head to rump.

The presence of a bacculum, or penis bone, indicates it was a male dog.

Occasionally we find human figurines, probably used in religious rituals.

The presence of breasts indicates this was a female.

It was nice spending the day digging at this prehistoric site, normally I spend my time in the field digging historic outhouses, wells, and building foundations.

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