Thursday, April 06, 2006

Brady lost his schwarma cherry tonight. I took him to Ali Baba's for dinner and he seems to like Middle Eastern food.

Homer and Brady.

Patrick's up in Denver, so we hung out afterwards and watched television and played with Patrick's cat. Boy, that cat is going to be surprised when Brady's dog moves in.

My brother is his community's correspondent to a couple of Amish newspapers (my older brother joined the Amish ten years ago). I get both papers and often they are painful to read- young men getting horribly injured in farming accidents, drunk drivers smashing buggies, runaway horses and so on. I'm so glad I live in a civilized city where all I have to worry about are car accidents, road rage, drive by shootings, and home invasions. In other Amish news, the maple trees aren't producing much sap so the men are spreading manure.I did my share of that growing up on the farm, nowadays I get grossed out cleaning the litter box.

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