Monday, April 03, 2006

I had a stomach ache when I woke up so I stayed home until I couldn't stand it anymore and drove over to work. I had been there only a few minutes when Deb and Mark, standing in Deb's cubicle next to mine, cried out, "There's a bobcat outside!" We all ran to the window and I got on the intercom to alert the rest of the office, then hurried down to another office with a less-crowded window. Val, our receptionist, took these photos.

I see rabbits, ground squirrels, and amorous collared lizards at the office often. Also Harris hawks. We used to have a roadrunner that was in love with the air conditioner unit. Before a bunch of new houses went in, there were a lot of vultures too. Still, seeing the bobcat was probably the most exciting wildlife I've ever seen at work.

And now I'm back home and the stomach ache continues.

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