Monday, May 29, 2006

The B 52's are playing. I bought their greatest hits CD but of course where is that one song I really like?

"Rock Lobster!"

I watched Serenity and The Island this weekend and enjoyed both. Nathan Fillion could come drive my spaceship in hyperdrive anytime he wants.

"Quiche, La Poodle is her name!"

I discovered that my friend Bob and I are approximately 10th cousins. My mother was pleased about this, she really likes Bob and Steve. When they came over for a white trash meal I made (veggie dogs and tater tots and salad), she actually swept the kitchen the floor. That was the only time in three months that she cleaned house.

"We'll meet in Mesopotamia!... I know I need excavation"

Thank you to Albert, Jim, and Julio for the translation help. That inscription appears on a tombstone for a man who died in 1893 and whose house I dug up a few years ago. I was a bit tardy seeing what that said.

"Orange popsicles and lemonade..."

Jimbo is enamored with the Australian rugby team the Sydney Convicts. One of their players is my friend Mark who is both sweet and hot, as is his bf Sandy. I really need to go visit them sometime. Maybe they will let me be towel guy.

"Tin roof, rusted!"

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