Sunday, June 18, 2006

1,000 points of life. According to Blogger, this is my 1,000th entry. Pretty words and pictures posted over the last three years. Sometimes not so pretty, but always reflecting what was going on in my life at that particular moment.

Someone recently asked me how many hours a week I spend writing my blog. They were surprised when I told them that it rarely takes more than five minutes for each entry. I carry my camera around and take pictures when I feel like it. I file ideas away in my head. Sometimes when I'm driving I'll say things out loud, working on the words. More often I just sit down and spill my guts.

I haven't changed much since I wrote the first entry, although my writing has improved. A few more gray hairs, a couple of pounds, a few new scars. Lots of new friends around the country and across the oceans. Thanks for reading and the comments (mostly!). Who knows what the future holds, I'm glad I don't know.

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