Thursday, June 01, 2006

I finally convinced the cable company that something was wrong with my cable. Every day I lose access to email and internet as it gets hot. I kept explaining this is Adam, Mandy, Kathy, et al., but at last Garth understood that something was wrong when he examined my modem history. I hope he wasn't looking at the websites I had been studying, purely for research purposes on variations in human male anatomy, when the modem was actually working.

Yesterday at work we finally found an outhouse filled with saloon trash (the downtown block we are excavating was the location of numerous saloons, an opera house, and a billards hall. Lots of liquor bottles including a cognac bottle with a partial label bearing the date June 1906- strange that it is exactly 100 years later. We are also finding an Anheiser Busch mirror with embossed decorations and fragments of the saloons plate glass window with hand-painted lettering, including the word "saloon." Perhaps some pictures will be posted tonight, once my modem decides to work again.

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