Friday, June 30, 2006

Let's clean the house. Three cats. A 14-year-old dog. An archaeologist. Altogether that equals a dirty house. I took the day off from work to clean. I swept. I dusted. I mopped. I scrubbed the woodwork. I spritzed the shower. I washed various fabric items. While doing so sweat was dripping off of me because the monsoon has arrived and it is both hot and immensely humid.

Tomorrow- yardwork. Luckily not much grass to cut, but some raking to do. I'm having a few friends over for the fireworks on July 4, they shoot them off a few thousand feet away from my backyard.

In other news, I paid someone to cut my hair, the first time in 17 months (second time in four years).

Blue Homer.

I cringed when I gave the gal my money- I don't tip myself when I pull out the clippers and buzz away.

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