Sunday, June 04, 2006

So tomorrow, once again, The Great Decider is going to blather on about how gays and activist judges are ruining 'Merica.

Well he can go suck Saddam's barbed-wire wrapped cock for all I care. Twice.

In certain societies, people are selected to be shunned for their activities. I'm going to shun TGD. I won't invite him to my parties. He's not singing with me at karoake. Next time I'm in bed with a hot man, I'll make sure the curtains are closed just in case TGD gets all perverty and wants to sneak a peak.

It amazes me how little regard I have for this "person." Rich, spoiled brat, never held a successful job, drunk, cocaine-addict, Mama's boy, liar, lazy, just plain stupid. Why half the country didn't figure this out in 2000 is beyond me.

In other news, it is freaky hot here in Arizona. 83 degrees at 5:30 AM. Ouch.

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