Thursday, July 06, 2006

A letter. [lined writing paper, folded, burnt in several spots. Found by a co-worker in his yard]



I don't know what to do cuz last night we were outside n I did his hair right then I said "Oh you look so sexy" then I kissed him.

You know what he said oh your not Kim.

I was like no I'm not. he said "Well you were all gurly and datz so sexy." but I was like whatever. So yeah I do [like] him but datz cuz of him bein him not bein someone he'z not so I'm being my self starting Monday cuz I'm gonna strip my hair and straightning it. When it'z blond and wear a skirt (yeah right) i'll wear gurly ass pantiz cuz I'm going to go get my new cloths sometime dis month. So gzg love ya always. 4ever

I [heart] you

[in purple pen] James wants you to write him Lanice do you like James? Yes or NO

Homer's commentary about this letter.

This simple letter, written by a girl perhaps 12-years-old, tells such a complex story. Of love and longing. Rejection and reconsideration. Of careful planning and plotting.

Lanice gave the note to her un-named friend, who wrote an interesting question on it and passed it back. Somehow the note was then folded up, set afire, and blew away.

I wonder if Lanice's new blonde hairdo and her "gurly ass pantiz" worked? In some ways, I hope not, since she is probably too young to be messin' with James.

I transcribed the letter exactly as written. I think Lanice was deliberately mis-spelling some words, but I could be wrong. In any case, her wording reminded me of Shakespeare, especially when she writes "but datz cuz of him bein him not bein someone he'z not."

You go Lanice, good luck where ever you are.

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