Monday, July 31, 2006

My trip in pictures. I'm back from DC to find Tucson is amazingly cool (in the 70s) because of a major rain storm that dumped inches of water on the area. I am enjoying this immensely.

So I stayed with my buddy for three days. The first night we recorded a pair of podcasts. I got to play host on Friday's episode.


I made him eat a blueberry, he was a blueberry virgin!

My buddy and the blueberry.

The next day we hopped on the Metro and visited cool, dry DC. We went to the National Botanical Conservatory and looked at plants.

Buddy and Homer.


That night his boyfriend W. arrived and we went to the ABBA concert. The dark-haired woman kept saying, "You are FANTASTIC!" It was a nice time. The next morning we went to two wineries and I sampled various wines and made him stop so I could pick some blackberries.

Homer and W. at the winery.

On Saturday I traveled to Jimbo's cute apartment and we readied the place for partying. At the party I spent some time talking with Jimbo's uber nice friend, Dreamy Ron. Besides being really nice, he's also very, very dreamy.

Dreamy Ron.

The party was marred, unfortunately, by an attack of explosive diarrhea! How inconvenient. I survived and was even able to go to Chrisafer's birthday party where I spotted a former porn boy, who was very easy on the eyes.

I've been advised that my observations on some guests at the party were taken the wrong way. Sometimes my sarcastic humor has unintended consequences, I wasn't intending to offend anyone and I'm sorry if someone was offended.

The next morning Jimbo and I went to the Kenilworth park where I snapped these photos before my camera batteries bit the dust.

Water lily.


Jimbo and the triffids.

I loved the triffids. Why don't they remake Day of the Triffids?

Last night I hung out with Jimbo's very nice friend Brian and on the plane to Dallas I chatted with a cutey named Frank.

Nice time in DC, I'm so happy to have them as my friends. They are special guys.

Next week: Vancouver.

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