Friday, August 11, 2006

The blackberry pie is ready to go in the stove. I picked the berries this morning- there are so many on the trail down to the ocean that it seems crazy to not pick more and make jam or freeze them.

Earlier I had gone down to the pebble beach and discovered purple and pink starfishes hiding under the rocks as the tide went out. I moved a few rocks and there were scads of little crabs under them, scuttling sideways to hide again. On the trail back up to the house I noticed something in the underbrush and pulled out a 1954 British Columbia license plate.

In the afternoon, we went to the grocery store and I bought a jar of gooseberry jam to bring back (checked luggage of course!).

The more I think about the new airplane restrictions, the more asinine and stupid it seems. As I noted in a comment on Joe.My.God's blog, how long before the terrorist folks realize they really don't have to do anything to cause billions of dollars in security expenses? Just pretend that you are going to hide bombs in buttons or maxipads. Then we'll be forced to board planes naked and be strapped in place for the flight. Maybe the airline will allow clear plastic garments. Better yet, pussy bombs or ass bombs. How hard would it be to hide a stick of dynamite in your butt? Probably not too hard. How long before we get the joyful anal probes? I'm so over the government trying to scare me. I am no longer afraid of the bullshit and hype.

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