Friday, September 01, 2006

I remember the Vietnam War. I'm old enough to remember Walter Cronkite tell us every day how many American soldiers had died and the body count of the enemy. On and on, as a child it never seemed to stop.

My oldest brother turned 18 in 1972 and was eligible for the draft. They used to broadcast the draft lottery live on television and I remember watching, standing behind my mother in her chair, as they drew birthdates out of a wire cage. Luckily for my brother, his birthday (March 13) was one of the latter ones called. So he didn't have to go off to fight in that worthless war.

We were supposed to be the biggest, bestest country in the world. And yet there it was on the tv, people lined up trying to get on helicopters to get out of Vietnam as the North Vietnamese closed in. We lost. No amount of blathering and speech making could alter that fact.

It seems strange now to be going through the same thing, this time in Iraq. No amount of name calling and finger pointing by Bush, Cheney, or Rumsfield will change the fact that they fucked their pet war up and we've lost. I wonder how they sleep at night?

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