Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Gosh, it's Homer CrankyPants! I'm trying to eat my salad while reading the Amish newspaper columns my brother wrote (he was gored by a boar last week and has to have macroscopic surgery on his finger) and Mollie stands right next to me and lets loose a terribly stanky smell from her 15-year-old behind-end. "Mollie! Why can't you do that someplace else?" She is so deaf she ignores me and farts again.

I'm already cranky because I made the mistake of going to Tucson's main library to use their microfilm machine. Of course to print something out involves an incredibly tedious process. And of course the person next to me is an obviously mentally ill oldster who is reading comic pages from the 1940s while making very loud, very strange sounds. Finally I just had to leave. The library recently switched from being City-County to County only and annoying things have started, like new cumbersome microfilm readers, the closing of the periodical reference desk, and charging $2.00 an hour for parking. I just love how something that is supposed to be improved ends up exactly the opposite.

I'm going to go eat some leftover coconut frosting to make myself feel dandy.

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