Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Your vote counts! Which one of my new t-shirts is cuter?

Teddybear loves Teddyboy.


Cookie loves milk.

So here in Arizona we voted against the crummy "Protect Marriage Amendment" crap. The fundamentalists worded it to remove domestic partner benefits, including healthcare, and people didn't want that to happen. Of course faggot marriage is still illegal, but someday...

In other news, Arizona is supplying two new US Representatives- we're going from two Dems and 6 Repubs to 4 each. Loudmouth, nasty ole J. D. Hayworth, who represented Brian and Marc, is now just a comma in history. Poor J.D., he lost weight, got all buff, a spray on tan, and still he could not escape the image of a nasty bully that he had created by being, well, a nasty bully.

And we've outlawed means cages for mama pigs and veal calves! As well as passed a whole slew of anti-immigrant laws that will be found unconstitutional in the next few years because they are poorly worded racist shit! How long before our prisons are crammed even more full of people because meth users are required to be locked up. That's going to be a big, big, fucking train wreck of a mess. Oh, and Arizona voters raised the minimum wage. We really like to place initiatives on the ballot here.

So vote for your favorite t-shirt, and I'll post a pic of me wearing it!

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