Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Have you picked a present out for Mary Cheney's baby shower? I'm giving her birth control pills.

Mary and Heather search for a worthy Republican stud.

So who's the Daddy? I'm sure Mary and Heatha marched right down to the Republican sperm bank (blacks and Mexicans need not apply!) and pursed their Republican lesbiamaniac lips while studying the credentials of their turkey bastee. He had to have the right family background, be an ardent tax-cutter, and have the right legal skills to ensure that Mary's "wife" Heather could get around those annoying laws in Virginia, passed through the efforts of the Republican party, that ensure that the wifey can't adopt Mary's brat or be treated in any way like the child's mama. But with the amount of money Mary's due to get from Daddy and the windfall book advancement (What book you say? Why, the enormous mega-hit, The DaCheney Code!), they have lotsa cash to pay for the very best legal help.

So who is your pick for the squirt of semen? I await your vote.

Daddy Rove?

Daddy Foley?

Daddy Melhman?

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