Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I was hoping for a fourth funeral for President Ford, but they buried him instead. I guess I was supposed to feel patriotic and fond of him (I well remember seeing him and Betty ride by in 1975 during the Cherry Festival Parade in Traverse City), but I felt the same way about President Raygun's funeral- a bit contrived and this feeling of being forced to be fond of him. Actually, Gerald Ford was an honest, forthright man and we could use a president like him right now.

While I'm on the topic of Our Great Leaders- I was imagining how empty the current President Bush's presidential library will be when (if) it gets built. All of the documents have already been through the shredder or are so top secret that no one will be able to look at them until the third or fourth term of President Jenna Bush's administration.

Changing the subject completely. Meg sent me to a wonderful recipe site and I made Blueberry Pudding Cake with Buttercream sauce. Very tasty and fattening. I had to use blueberries instead of cranberries, which all of the stores threw out on New Years' Day- apparently it a social taboo to eat them after that day, but a taboo no one informed me about. I was pleased to see that there were no recipes that included tofu, which is a most disagreeable and smelliferous ingredient as far as I am concerned. Alas, no more fattening recipes for me for a while. With the little raise I'm getting at work I'm probably joining a gym to get some exercise and part of that effort is just-say-no to all delicious foods. Say an atheist prayer for me.

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