Saturday, February 17, 2007

The birds are chirping outside, spring is here. My tulips and irises are poking up and it is t-shirt weather outside.

Filed my taxes today. Hefty refund, I'm using it to pay down debt. The one luxury I allowed myself was this painting by Kyle.

2 blue birds.

I'm going to hang it on my study wall right in front of my monitor.

Jimbo is coming for a week in March. Activity planning ensues. A Furry Friends of Homer Dinner Party (part 2) will take place. Richard, who is not furry but is nonetheless adorable in every way, will be invited. A trip north to the wilderness of Phoenix and then a jaunt northward to the Grand Canyon. Jimbo and I would really, truly like to see one of the 60 or so California condors that are flying around the park. It is rumored that the park also has a big hole in the ground.

In other news, my "No Snacks, No Shame" diet progresses. Weigh in tomorrow. After viewing Casino Royale (opening scene amazing, Daniel Craig sexalicious, rest of the movie so-so), Frank-John-I went to Denny's to enjoy the bad service and I broke down and had mozarrella sticks, the first truly, utterly fattening thing I have had in almost three weeks. Surprise- I wasn't all that excited by them. I think that is a very good sign.

Joey wants to sit on my lap, and is head-butting me. That means, "Pet me now or I will scratch you!" so I guess I better behave.

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