Monday, February 05, 2007

My computer monitor at home passed away yesterday afternoon so I enjoyed spending money on a new, larger one this morning.

Last week one of the local television station did a "news" story on gay men gettin' it on in the park. Woohoo! My buddy Jim has the lowdown on the down low and you can watch Ms. Jennifer Waddle get her panties in a bunch because, ohmigod!, those queers are gettin' online in order to get some. She spends some quality time discussing how Craig's List is a fabulous place to arrange cocksucking and other salacious thangs, but forgets to mention that it isn't just the gays posting adverts, but also those darn Lebanese and, amazingly enough, Heteros. I didn't look to see if there was a "reporter4reporter4sex" area on there, and if there isn't, well that's a crying shame. It is ratings month, I guess.

In other, unrelated news Chip, noted blogger Homer lost three pounds last week on his "No Snack, No Shame" diet.

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