Thursday, February 15, 2007

So tell me, oh smart-brained readers, what is your guessimate for the date George Bush orders fighter planes to bomb targets in Iran? My guess, probably sometime in early June.

I'm channeling the Great Decider for a few of those verb-noun things: "Gotta start getting 'mericans accustomed to the dangers of Iran's nucleer thingys. Gotta dribble out accusations from unidentified sources. Gotta get the fuckin' idiotic press to go along. Wonder if Andrea Mitchell likes coke as much as Ann Coulter and I do? Plus, if we bomb them, that means no troops on the ground, right? Nothing to worry about, 'cause all the other 'rab countries hate 'em almost as much as I do. Then, if we got to war against those Iraniacs, everybody will forget all about the fuck-up that Dick got me into."

Yep, early June, that's my guess.

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