Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sorry Joey, but all your dreams are dead. Luckily, you are only a slightly unstable kitty cat who can't read or understand English, so this won't affect you. In contrast, Cute Down winner Brady may go on to win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Roommate.

My house is freezing at this very moment. I have the oven door open in the kitchen to provide a brief respite. I should wander in and wash dishes, so that I can dirty them again while making a dessert for tomorrow's Rome watching soiree. I'm thinking a sponge cake or a genoise with chocolate whipped cream or ganache. Of course, on the "No Snacks, No Shame" diet I can only eat a teensy-tiny piece and then the rest gets taken to work to be devoured by others less concerned with body issues.

Joey knows the creamy goodness of heavy whipping cream, and once I open that container she will be in the warm kitchen meowing at me. Unfortunately Joey, all your dairy dreams are dead, too, since you are very, very lactose intolerant and I don't want a repeat of Wednesday night when I complained to Brady that my bedroom smelled only to realize I was literally lying in a puddle of cat puke on my bedspread.

Totally random thought. I buzzed my hair off the same weekend Britney did and Entertainment weekly didn't put me on the cover. What's up with that?

In conclusion, I don't really have a concluding thought.

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