Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A week until my least favorite holiday (Thanksgiving is a the next-least). Blech. Single. No box of fancy-schmancy chocolates (not that I want any, I'm still being very careful about calorie intake). No flowers (not that I want any, the cats would just chew on them and barf everywhere). No card (okay, that would be nice). Remember, its the thought that counts and when no one is thinking, well, that's why its my least favorite holiday.

Maybe its because I haven't figured out the right craft activity. I could have a Valentine's Card Making Party. But then, the couples would come and make perfect cards for each other and the single guys would make mediocre cards and who but their mother or sister to give them to?

I think I'll just hold off on the whole celebrate-a-holiday thing until Non Denominational Egg Coloring and Boiled Egg Hunt day in April.

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