Monday, March 05, 2007

Mexican Safeway isn't the same since Byron quit. So I've started going to Food City to buy produce. I think that Aaron and Johnny would enjoy walking through the store. It caters to a largely Mexican-American clientele.

Food City at St. Mary's and Grande (Ciudad del Alimento en St. Maria y Grande).

On Saturday they had a chili roaster fired up in front of the store. The smell of the chilis made me so hungry.

Peppers for 69 cents each (pimientas para 69 centavos cada uno).

I grab a blue basket and head to the produce section. I pass a teenager balancing three huge slabs of ribs- do people actually eat that much meat?

Cactus pads (cojines del cacto).

The produce selection is so much better than Safeway. Some of the fruits and vegetables aren't so pretty, but they taste much better.

Hot peppers (pimientas calientes).

Lots of things I don't normally buy- cactus fruits, guavas, tomatillos, a big variety of peppers.

Cone sugar (el azúcar del cono).

Along one side are huge bins of exotic sweets- I can't figure out what some of them are supposed to be.

Spices (especias)

No spices in the bottle- instead they package them in see-through plastic bags. The smell of chamomile is especially strong.

Statues above milk (estatuas sobre la leche).

There is almost a whole aisle of various types of tortillas and a third of an aisle devoted to lard. I was surprised to see big pieces of lard wrapped in plastic wrap on those little plastic trays. So much lard. There are not many skinny people at this store.

Above the dairy section is a big selection of statues of various saints and Jesús, José, y Maria. In amongst them is an enormous yellow piggy bank, the pig smiling broadly.

I came home and made chili rellenos

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