Thursday, March 15, 2007

Some family scandals:

- My grandmother's father's sister had an affair with a farmhand and gave birth to a daughter, who was put up for adoption (this happened about 1910). Grandma saw that woman into her 70s, with the woman apparently not realizing they were first cousins.

- My father accidentally ran over and killed a kid who was sliding down a hill and slid right into the path of the car my father was driving. This was in 1954.

- My great-great-great grandmother Perlina divorced her husband who had "moved all his furniture, including the only cooking stove in the house and left (her) entirely destitute" (the house was a rented one). This was back in 1884.

- My maternal grandfather's first cousin Fanny's house caught fire and she and five of her eight children died from smoke inhalation in 1942.

- I voted for Bill Clinton. Twice.

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