Sunday, April 08, 2007

Let's have a party! Tucson is abuzz after the grandest social event of the season. Sixteen guests descended upon the Homer Estate, many bearing bottles of fine, sparkling soda of '07 vintage. Among the celebrities present were Jim, from the swanky west Tucson foothills; Brian from beautiful-city-of-bountiful-highways, Phoenix; and Glenn, the latter making a special appearance from oh-so-provincial New York City. Patrick, Brady, Jeffrey S., John, Vince, Kyle, Michael, Michael, Mark, Ken, Deshawn, Chris, and Travis also walked the concrete runway to the delight of the papparazzi.

Brian, Patrick, and Brady carefully decorate the boiled chicken ova.

Unfortunately, only 54 eggs were decorated, leaving an additional 54 pristine in their cartons.

Eighteen decorated eggs.

Many masterpieces were created. Apparently, the party's host can decorate boiled chicken ovas like a pro.

Mollie and Glenn.

The servants- Puff, Joey, and Mama Cat- were noticeably absent, locked away in their quarters. Mollie served as hostess, wandering about and carefully cleaning up spilled foodstuffs.

Ready, set, go!

At 4:15, the drama began. The guests assembled for the requisite photograph, and the host exclaimed in his deep, hyper masculine voice, "You go gurls!" And they were off.

Jeffrey and Kyle gather eggs.

Alright, some of the guys didn't understand the competitive nature of Boiled Egg Decorating Day Plastic Egg Hunt. One guest managed to find a total of three eggs. In contrast, Patrick found 44 eggs worth a total of 99 points.

3rd place, Glenn; Winner, Patrick; 2nd place, Brady.

In the end, Patrick placed first, Brady second, and Glenn a third, although a major controversy later developed when it was discovered that the host had accidently forgotten Jeffrey S., who actually had second place.

Princess Brian.

The special eggs with Smiley Faces yielded a prize for each guest. Brian looked dashing in his tiara (but then, Brian always looks pretty in diamonds!)

Afterwards Glenn and I took a nap and then went to The Grill where he enjoyed a chicken-fried steak and tater tots. Fine dining at its finest. The food was actually very good. We also saw two men with elaborate tattoos on their faces. I wonder what their mothers think.

After supper we journeyed to the Venture Inn and met up with John and eventually his uber-handsome husband Frank. We totally closed that bar and came home and this morning another adventure awaits us.

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