Thursday, May 03, 2007

My best friend Brady moved to Arizona two years ago this month. He's joined the ranks of my other best friends- Les, Mark S., Jeffrey S., Patrick O., Patrick G., Jimbo, Archerr, and Brian.

Homer and Brady.

I had a very lonely childhood. I was a nerd and a bookworm, and somewhat of a sissy, I guess. At least I was picked close to last in gym class and I could never do anything athletic. My father also did not want his children doing anything. We came home on the school bus, did our chores, and sat with him in the living room until bedtime. So I never had any close friends.

This continued into college. It wasn't until I met Les in 1985 that I truly had a best friend, someone I could talk about anything to, have fun together, be stupid together. Through the years I managed to collect a small circle of really close friends, I feel very, very lucky.

Brady has been staying with me off and on for a while as Patrick G.'s house slowly comes out of its coccoon. When he leaves the cats, Mollie, and I will be super lonely. He'll have to come for a slumber party for once a month so we can hang out and do goofy things- he's good for that.

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