Saturday, July 14, 2007

Certain aspects of my life tend to repeat themselves. Usually this is not a good thing, like forgetting I've written a large check and then writing another. I should know better when the circumstances arise and I repeat, but beneath every rational person are certain irrational impulses.

One of these irrational impulses has contributed to my mood tonight. I'm sitting here alone in my hot little house feeling rather alone. Feeling rather sorry for myself. Why do certain things have to be so hard? It would be easier sometimes not to feel anything.

Pity party, party of one.

Otherwise, watched Transformers today. They were after my youth (I doubt anyone will ever make a movie about Tinker Toys) and honestly I couldn't tell them apart when they were untransformed. Nice special effects. Anyways, it kept me from thinking sour thoughts for a few hours. Thanks Mike!

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