Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy Blogday to me.

Mother Nature decided to celebrate by dumping a huge amount of rain on Tucson. After the computers died at work from some electrical thingy, I got in the trusty Saturn and came home. That was a nightmare.

Tucson's streets are not engineered for rain, since it is rather rare here. When it does rain, some of the streets become mini rivers.

Driving down Tucson Blvd.

From work I had to go down several streets where the water was anywhere up to eight or nine inches deep, running downhill really fast.


Close to home, I parked next to the Santa Cruz River and went out onto the bridge.

Santa Cruz flooding.

Normally this is a completely dry river bed. Today water roared down it, carrying trees, a couch, bottles, and who knows what else.

A five-ft-tall garbage can.

I could see huge waves on the other side of the bridge so I went across and watched as a snake climbed out of the water.

10.4 ft of water.

At one spot a concrete ridge runs across the river bottom and there a giant wave formed, splashing up five or six ft in the air. It was pretty awesome to watch.

Self portrait next to wave.

At home the electricty had gone out and the cats were a little freaked, the storm must have been really hard here because the stop lights weren't working.

Such a change from the usual, boring weather here.

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