Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Conservative Christians spend an awful lot of time fretting about male sexuality. Back in the 19th century it was all about those damned polygamous Mormon men, fucking their multitude of wives. In the 20th century it was about controlling woman as a way to control men. The 21st century is about finding ways to demonize the gays. Yawn.

To me this is what the fuss about the San Diego firemen is all about. They are suing the City of San Diego because they were asked to drive a firetruck in the Pride Parade. Some spectators did inappropriate things, they say, like kiss each other, touch their niblets, or yell out phrases such as "give me mouth to mouth." I read through their affadavits of complaint filed to the Department of Fair Housing and Employment and several things struck me.

The first was that all four had been coached in their statements. Each statement is very similar, in the order of how they described the events and the exact wording of several offending phrases. Could the fact that they are being represented by a conservative Christian law firm have anything to do with this?

The second is that this is just the first of these sorts of complaints gay people will be seeing. Sexual harassment laws are very vague and broad. Basically, anyone can claim to be sexually harassed if one witnesses something one considers offensive. Know the route of the annual gay pride parade? If you are a fundamentalist Christian you could get yourself hired at a business along the route, and once the parade passed, you could claim harassment because you witnessed men kissing, dancing, groping, or doing anything that heterosexuals routinely do, but because gay people do them, they are somehow more lewd and disgusting. How soon before parade permits are denied because cities don't want the legal expenses involved.

Clever way to work the system. And those firemen, ask me if I believe they are telling the truth.

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