Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sometimes I am embarrassed by the loud-mouthed gays who claim to be our leaders. John Aravosis is one example. Today he wrote an opinion piece basically stating that transgender people should not be included in the ENDA legislation that is winding its way through Congress to meet up with ClusterFuck's veto pen. Let me channel John:

"I don't understand transgender folks. I don't want to sit next to them on the bus. They should have their own bus, even though we are going on the same way and people watching us often confuse us. Who let them on the bus anyways? They should get off the bus and shut the fuck up. If you disagree with me you are an insolent asshole. Because no one should ever question me. I used to work in Congress so I know better than you. Especially better than transgender people. None of whom I have ever had a conversation with. Who I can not emphasize with. Since they only recently got on the bus, they should be the first ones thrown off to make the politicians happy. They will really love us if we hate the transgender bus riders as much as they do."

Andrew Sullivan apparently agrees with Aravosis.

Does this surprise me? No, not really. Couple of well-to-do white men. Enough said there.

People who discriminate against gays/lesbians/bisexuals are not going to differentiate between this group and transgender folks. Excluding them from civil rights protections just makes them THE MOST HATED group. You see, G/L/B are awful folks, really, but they aren't as bad as those Ts.

Which is precisely why transexual people, as a sexual minority, should be included.

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