Saturday, December 29, 2007

At the Humane Society it was discovered that ElliottJr was actually Elliotina. My cat sexing skills have declined in my decrepitude. I hope those two kittens find a lovely home to live in. Unfortunately, as I have discovered in the past, three cats are alright but five cats make you undateable.

The remnants of HolidayCold07 are rapidly disappearing, just the occasional cough and resulting flotsam. Last night I came home and lay down after dinner and woke up with my mother putting the electric blanket on me. My house has been cold, and the little electric floor heaters do not make it seem much warmer. Mummy looked cold so I moved the electric blanket to the couch and she spent yesterday warm and comfortable and was very pleased to be in such a condition.

I'm now pondering what kind of cake to make for a New Year's Eve party I am attending. I'm thinking a simple yellow cake with raspberry filling and chocolate ganache frosting dripped over the top will be the likely choice- easy to make, tasty, and looks dramatic.

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