Monday, January 19, 2009

In tonight's episode of Nature, we explore the World of Homer. A magical, mystical world of creatures large and small, meek and wild.

Cattus puffii.

The black Sonoran Puff Cat is extremely elusive and difficult to photograph. We used a hidden camera and got this exciting photo of a Puff Cat preparing to attack an endangered Gallus chickenii, subspecies Henny-Penny.

Less difficult to capture on film is the Cattus joeyi. Also known as Orange Cat, they are more docile and prone to chewing on whatever piece of grass is handy.

Cattus joeyi, well known for their bad manners.

Below we see famed naturalist Mummy reading an exciting mystery book.

Homer's Mummy.

Little did she know that the vicious and wild Gallus chickeni, subspecies Henny Penny was stalking her.

Look out!!!!!

Luckily, at the last moment the dreaded beast decided to go look for some food in the backyard, so no horrible moments were caught on film.


Never a dull day in Homer's nature preserve.

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