Thursday, March 19, 2009

I had that dream again. I forgot to drop the math class that I didn't go to, and it is the end of the semester. I'm going to flunk the class! When I woke up I had that anxious few moments of trying to figure out, was it real? I'm sure there is some psychological reason I still have this dream, 17 years after I finished grad school.

I've spent the last few days fitting together broken pots from a 1,500 year old pithouse. I'm trying to figure out how many pots were in the house when it was abandoned. The pots are all smashed into many pieces, and I sit on the floor of my office with a roll of masking tape and tape the joins together, eventually the smaller pieces get bigger and bigger until at last I have enough of a pot that we can measure it, draw a profile, and put the pieces back in the bag. None of the pots are complete enough to glue together, which is just as well as they take up more storage space at the museum that way and the museum is running out of room for the collections.

What to get for lunch? I'm going to Trader Joe's and I wonder if Jason, the uber-hot employee, will be there. Jimbo would swoon if he saw this man. It about broke my heart when I a wedding ring appeared on his hand.

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