Sunday, July 05, 2009

We played volleyball until 11 o'clock, with a short break for supper. I did not see the fireworks this year, but did not miss them since I was having so much fun.

The menz.

The patriotic cupcakes were very nice- Martha Stewart's yellow cake, coconut cream cheese frosting. I also made two different wraps with flour tortillas. One was a package of cream cheese, a clove of garlic, and a roasted red pepper ground together in my new food processor. The other was a can of refried beans, a sauteed ground-up onion, and two tablespoons or so of Tandoori sauce (a bit spicy, these went over very well). Smeared on the flour tortilla with some lettuce sprinkled on top for crunchiness. They went over well.

A moment of vanity- everyone was amazed at how much weight I have lost and how different I looked. Yeah me.

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