Sunday, July 19, 2009

Well the maple buttercream frosting ran off the cupcakes because I put it on when it they were still warm, but they still tasted very good anyways. Of course afterwards, as I was washing dishes, I managed to break my candy thermometer. I always seem to get one use from those before I break them.

Sandy and Mark arrived to take Forrest and I to naked pool volleyball. It was nice to escape from my hot house, made hotter by using the stove.

Homer and Jeremy.

It was something like 109 degrees here in Tucson yesterday (that's about 43 Celsius). Playing in the pool helped cool everything down. Plus, it was nice to hang out with Richard, Roger, and all of the other guys. We played a lot of volleyball and I managed to screw up only a few times.

Forrest and Roger.

It was Mark's first time playing pool volleyball and he should have gotten the award for most valuable player.

Mark and Sandy.

All of the jumping and ball hitting tired me out, I was zonked out on my couch at 10 PM.

The menz.

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