Saturday, September 26, 2009

Forrest calls me from a supermarket in Tennessee. "Where do they keep that malted stuff?" he asks and I tell him that it should be next to the chocolate syrup, but it isn't. He is disappointed, the milkshake won't taste like the one I made last week.

Henny-Penny is looking in the back door, wanting her afternoon snack. As I grab a handful of laying mash I realize a praying mantis is perched on the door, within beak distance. I distract her and then carefully lift the insect off the door. It sits in my hand for a minute as I take a few pictures.

Praying mantis.

Then it gets placed on a nearby flowering plant, safely out of reach of H-P's beak. She is running around crazy by now, almost time for her to jump up on the washing machine and sit on her towel for the night.


Puff, Joey, and Snowball watch me from the backdoor, wanting to come out. Puff meows loudly, like that would do any good. I sit on the old, weathered chair and take a picture. I spent the morning out in the yard, raking and weeding and tomorrow more of the same. Getting the place organized for upcoming visits by my mom and Forrest's mom, and a trip to the nursery to buy plants for my pots.

September portrait.

My neighbor cut his lemon tree down, angry because someone else on the block had complained about the mess in front of his house. I had watered the tree many times, trying to keep it alive, but for what purpose. Now I will buy my own lemon tree to plant on my side of the fence.

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