Sunday, September 06, 2009

I drove north through the horrible traffic in Phoenix to Bradley's cute place in Clarkdale. Friday night we went to a Thai restaurant and spent some time talking.

The next morning we had cupcakes for breakfast.

Callie wants a taste, but can't have any.

I made chocolate mayonnaise cupcakes with raspberry-cream cheese filling and chocolate cream cheese frosting. A fresh raspberry was perched on top. I think they were very good.

Afterward we drove to a mesa, with storm clouds gathering in the distance.

Thunderstorms approaching.

It was fun talking to Bradley as we wandered around. After that Bradley drove cross-country and I will admit to being a bit afraid of some of the bumpy and eroded roads. But we survived.

The backroads scenery.

It was raining in Sedona, so no good pictures of the beautiful scenery. We went to Gumption Fest and saw an amazing Spanish (or Argentinian?) guitarist play. He had a beautiful voice. That night we had supper in Jerome, and the moon rising as we walked back to the car.

Moon rising in Jerome.

I drove back to Tucson, a little sad to leave the beautiful weather and scenery and friend behind. But I know I'll be seeing them again sometime soon.

Along the road back south.

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