Sunday, October 04, 2009

At last night's end-of-dig party it took forever to bust open the pinata. Finally someone said I should try and with one mighty whack with the croquet mallet, the poop-shaped pinata exploded. Yes, poop-shaped. It was made to commemorate the end of the sewer plant dig.

My chocolate mayonnaise cake with crispy coconut frosting was devoured and I forgot to take a picture of it. I also brought along a curry and spicy bean wraps.

Today I scrubbed my floors, is that what my kitchen floor really looks like? I also tried to figure out some stuff on my computer, but was largely unsuccessful. Someone who I don't know told me I was a dick, which was a puzzlement, since I don't know this man. But this is the way life often is.

Tomorrow should be my last day digging at the sewer plant and then into the office where I will have to put a big sign on the snack drawer- "No Snacks, No Shame!" I will also be going back to the gym to maintain my manly figure.

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