Tuesday, October 20, 2009

There is proof that I won $9.00 at the casino in Las Vegas. It takes only a bit more than an hour to fly there, and if you are lucky you will have handsome men like Jim and George waiting for you at the airport.

And if you are lucky you will get to go see interesting places like the Valley of Fire, with strange rock formations.

Valley of Fire.

It was quite warm while we were there, and the name was appropriate.

Not the best shoes for hiking.

Along the trail there were a lot of prehistoric petroglyphs. Did you know I wrote a book about rock art?

Rock art (click on picture to see close up).

It was a pleasant way to spend the day.

George and Jim.

That night George made supper, homemade pasta sauce. The shredded carrots were delicious in it. He is an excellent cook. I felt right at home.

The next day we flew to Paris.

Paris casino.

Actually, we walked the Strip in Las Vegas and people watched and looked at the casinos. They seem to be doing alright, but the stores all seem like they are struggling.

Men with facial hair.

We stopped to pee at one place and I insisted on playing the Price is Right machine.

Gambling is a sin.

On my last quarter I won $10, so I made a profit of $9.

The Price is Right.

Afterwards we went home and I was all tired out.


It was a nice weekend and I had an excellent time with my buddies. I hope to see them again soon.

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