Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yesterday I had a surprise visit from Mason and his friend Jesse, who had come down to Tucson to visit the International Wilddeath Museum. That museum is run by a bunch of safari hunters who allegedly get tax write-offs by donating the stuffed carcasses of animals to the museum. And the theme of the museum is conservation. Uh huh, right...

Anyhows, they stopped by as I was starting to make hummous and then cream of asparagus soup. Both came out nice, although if I make the asparagus soup again I will peel the stalks at the base to get rid of the fiber there.

I introduced Jesse to my chicken, and we posed for a picture.

Henny Penny and Homer, photo by Mason.

One more month before Mummy comes for the winter. She will be glad to escape Michigan and get spoilt by me. I just got a gluten-free baking cookbook, and will be trying out some new recipes for her. Plus my Martha Stewart Cupcake cookbook has two cupcakes without flour, so I will be making those for her.

What's up next? Las Vegas with Jim and George!

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