Sunday, November 15, 2009

Here is a lovely email sent to me today:

For certain anyone who lives a lifestyle wherein the anus is used for sexual purposes is vile scum of the utmost disgusting variety. Anuses are fecal expulsion units - they expel used up rotten energy sources called food. Have you ever smelled a septic tank or a sewer?

Gay sex is about as clean as swimming in raw sewage! Not THAT is vile!!!

I've said it before, and of course I will type it again, straight men do not obsess about gay sex. The only men who do so are closeted homosexuals who loathe and hate themselves into a frenzy. The louder the screaming (e.g., Peter LaBarbera, Tony Perkins, or Matt Barber) the louder my gayday goes ping! ping! ping!

I pointed out to this wretch that semen leaves the penis from the same hole that urine comes out, so does straight sex involve swimming in raw sewage too? I am very confused now.

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