Saturday, January 16, 2010

It is Saturday and the routine continues. Like clock work my mother does her laundry. I haul the garbage out to the big container in the alley, passing the homeless guy who likes to drink his 40-ounce beer in the alley. I say hello and think he must think I look like a goof in my red sweater and pajama bottoms.

Adam, Berry, and Ralph discuss an Early Agricultural period pit structure.

At the Gay Men's Happy Hour last night I enjoyed talking with the gay men. I had several compliments on the new haircut and someone asked me where the muttonchops went to. I assured him they would come back sometime soon.

The house has several storage pits in the floor.

I did not see the albino vermillion flycatcher that is exciting the Tucson birdwatching scene. I was amazed at how enormous some people's camera lenses were- Ralph described the lenses in less diplomatic terms.

American coot and Northern shoveler ducks.

At home Puff has a cold and is sneezing and rasping. It sounds very alarming and then he climbs on my lap and purrs, so I guess he will be alright. My yard seems so dull and quiet now that Henny-Penny is gone. It will be even quieter once Forrest goes away to his new life in North Carolina.

I sent money to a medical relief group working in Haiti.

I have continued to follow the Prop 8 trial in California. Now the anti-gay lawyers are claiming that witnesses are dropping out because they are afraid to testify. This continues the theme they are developing that they are the victims. I would like the judge to ask for proof- emails, voice mail, letters- any proof that the witnesses have been threatened. The anti-gay folks have figured out that they are going to lose the case (e.g., relying on studies "Homos are Evil!" down in the 1950s, Will and Grace, etc). They are gambling on the Supreme Court and Justice Kennedy. I don't have a clue how this will end.

And in Arizona, instead of focusing on ways to resolve the state's budget crisis, some Republicans are pushing for legislation that will start the process of banning adoption by homosexuals (the initial step, straight married couples get first dibs on adoptable children). This is no surprise to me. The Christians are utterly predictable- ban same sex marriage, then adoption. The big question is what is after that?

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