Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Last night Forrest and I went over to the Mark/Sandy/Zane estate and we played five rounds of Mexican Dominoes and I didn't win a single match.


It was nice to have some grown-up times with the menz. I have been cooped up with Mummy a lot lately, and I was going slightly stir crazy.

Puff is getting over his cold. He has stopped sneezing on me, mostly. It has been a very unpleasant thing to wake up to- Puff sitting on top of me and his snot all over my face.

Puff does not want his picture taken.

So here's one thing that I have been thinking about. How long is it going to be before it is socially unacceptable to call homosexuals either "perverts" or "sinners"? I turn on the television and there are people proudly spouting those words, and absolutely no condemnation by the reporters or anchor people. The same words are used often in the comment sections of the local newspaper, as well as the Washington Post.

If someone were to use the word "nigger" to refer to an African-American, the likelihood that this would be aired on the television or would remain in online comment areas is pretty minimal. But it is still alright to call homosexuals disgusting names. I've taken to clicking on the "report abusive language" thingy every time I see homosexuals called nasty things and sending the newspaper a comment saying this is unacceptable. I am guessing if enough people do this, maybe newspaper editors will get a clue. Who knows. I tell you though, I am through with the fucking bullshit.

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