Thursday, February 04, 2010

I was Juror 19 at the Federal Courthouse today. I thought there was a high likelihood that I would be placed on the jury, and after we were questioned (the judge was fascinated that I had done the archaeology for the courthouse building), I was in fact the 10th juror placed.

We sat through three witnesses. The defense kept objecting, it was very dramatic. After the first witness finished testifying the judge asked us if we had any questions and I was the only one who did, "Is there a photo of the gun in place?" After the lawyers conferred the judge asked the witness and he replied no.

It became rapidly obvious to me that the Border Patrol and the Homeland Security people did not process the crime scene properly or establish a clear evidence handling chain. As the third witness was being asked questions we were sent out for a break that lasted longer than expected. Then we were called in and told that the judge had declared a mistrial (no explanation given).

I'm not going to go into details because the case may go to trial again. But I doubt the federal government can convict the young man of what they want to convict him for.

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