Tuesday, February 02, 2010

My mother doesn't like it when I talk nasty about John McCain. I don't care. I no longer have any respect for this breathing sack of shit. Today he was blathering on about how we shouldn't repeal DADT. I called his office and told them 1). he should just shut up 2). gays are tired of being second class citizens, and 3). the woman who answered the phone should be ashamed to work for such a bigot. She was still nice to me afterwards. I told her it was very frustrating to be a law-abiding, tax-paying citizen and yet face constant discrimination.

Spring time has arrived. It feels nice outside, and my house is no longer cold. The cats still think they need to lie on top of me or sit on my lap. I have to put Joey on the floor over and over again.

I'm having a slumber party in the guest house on Friday. Mason, Jesse, and Craig are coming down from Phoenix and we are going to play games and drink adult beverages. My mother is not invited.

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